Topology Optimization Platform


Topology optimization (TO) designates both a design methodology widely used in industry and the underlying scientific discipline. Its purpose is to generate an optimized mechanical part that satisfies the user specifications by computing a distribution of material within the given design space. Its specific features, in particular the ease of use and the ability to propose breakthrough concepts, make it particularly attractive to industrial users. Virtually all the TO solutions available on the market use the density method, a mature technology that is suitable for parts with straightforward functional requirements but remains inadequate for complex systems with challenging specifications (oil sump, engine block, etc.).

Through the TOP project, SystemX and its industrial and scientific partners are proposing an alternative based on the level set method. This technology provides a precise description of the part boundary that enables a more accurate physical modelling, facilitates the treatment of manufacturing constraints expressed geometrically and produces more clearly defined optimized design concepts.


The TOP project, launched in February 2017, is a four-year project with three objectives:

  • Develop robust, innovative numerical tools to design complex mechanical parts.
  • Demonstrate industrial feasibility using case studies proposed by the end-users.
  • Foster scientific and technological breakthroughs in the field of structural optimization.

Target markets

The tools developed in the context of the TOP project are aimed at all industries that design and develop mechanical parts, such as the automotive and aerospace sectors.

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