Safe Autonomous Land Transport


A train driver’s observation functions are key to safe operation of the transportation system: his skill at distinguishing signaling, seeing someone on a platform, checking anomalies in a train from the other direction, or seeing objects on the tracks are all essential to high levels of operating safety. Automating these observation functions will lead to optimum safety in transportation systems. 
To meet this challenge, SystemX and its partners have launched the TAS project to deliver design proof for automating the driver’s observation functions and giving a concrete demonstration. The solution envisaged will combine various types of sensor and provide advanced functions in artificial intelligence. It will be tested virtually in the laboratory using full modeling.


The purpose of the TAS project, launched in April 2017 for a two year period, is to design a system of perceiving the environment based on a combination of complementary sensors (radars, lidar cameras etc.)  This system and its environment will first be modeled in the laboratory to test the technological choices of sensors and ensure an initial virtual validation via an iterative approach. Then there will be life sized on-site testing which is envisaged on an SNCF-owned locomotive between Villeneuve Saint-Georges and Montereau.

Target markets

The TAS project is aimed at the terrestrial guided transportation field.

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