Industrial IoT 4 Secure Manufacturing


Launched in 2018, IO4 (Industrial IoT 4 Secure Manufacturing) is a four years project that contributes to the development of digital sovereignty with respect  to cybersecurity issues in the context of the next generation Factories  and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It addresses barriers to provide a secure end-to-end IIoT device deployment architecture that takes into account the specificities and constraints imposed by hardware. They are validated by physical and numerical tests, notably on the cybersecurity experimentation platform CHESS, developed in collaboration with ANSSI.


The IO4 project serves two main purposes:

  • Develop a deployment architecture for IIoT devices that will guarantee the security of data collection, data transfer and storage, while taking into account the constraints imposed by the hardware (autonomy, memory, bandwidth, etc.).
  • Propose an integral security architecture covering each stage of the life cycle of the IIoT devices (enrollment, updating, maintenance in safety conditions, maintenance in operational condition, etc.).

Targeted Markets

The IO4 project addresses the scientific and technological barriers of cybersecurity applied to two different use cases:

  • Factory of the Future: secure predictive industrial maintenance. In this case of use, the project allows an energy supplier to anticipate hazards and ensure continuity of service through the secure collection of data in the field by IIoT.
  • Digital City: maintenance of safety of IIoTs in urban environment. In this case, it is about addressing the need to maintain the level of compliance with the security requirements over time. For this, it is imperative both to secure the process allowing remote access to IIoT devices for their update but also to reduce the cost of such an operation (autonomy, communication).

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