Blockchain for Smart Transactions


Blockchain is the underlying technology behind Bitcoin, now a major worldwide currency for exchange purposes. The blockchain is probably going to revolutionize transactions and exchanges: in the same way as the Internet allowed for peer-to-peer communications, the blockchain will allow for peer-to-peer transactions based on a decentralized and autonomous mechanisms. If we start examining its possible applications today, we will be leading the digital revolution coming ahead and creating a « horizontal » society with no intermediaries.
The purpose of the BST (Blockchain for Smart Transactions) project, launched in December 2016 for a four year period, is to address three main issues for the project partners and their customers: improve their services, optimize their costs and develop new usages.


From a research perspective, the BST project addresses three issues:

  • Unleash the potential of Blockchain-based distributed architectures by developing a new model based on human-centric data empowerment.
  • Identify new usages and enhance services based on data confidence, using blockchain-based architectures.
  • Define the technical, legal, economic and social conditions for blockchain services to be deployed.

From a technical perspective, the BST project will work on:

  • Developing a modular Blockchain-based software platform that enables the experimentation of cross-domain use cases.
  • Enable a better design and understanding of these new services through different data tools (simulation, analytics and visualization).

Target markets

The BST project brings together everyone interested in the development of blockchain technologies. There are many use cases, which can impact many different domains such as logistics, energy, mobility, connected vehicles etc.

Setting the course for blockchain with BST

In June 2016, IRT SystemX launched the START@SystemX initiative to enable startups to benefit from the innovative dynamic of our Institute by joining its other partners, the large clients and technology suppliers, in building tomorrow’s new services.
After a first edition on the topic of mobility, a new season of START@SystemX, steered by BST project and dedicated to the blockchain technology, will be launch in September 2017. The work completed will enable to selected startups to support the development of new services and uses with Blockchain.

PhDs sponsored by this project

Implications of the Blockchain on contractual relationships: a cross-disciplinary study from legal and computer sciences (UVSQ/Université Paris-Saclay SHS Doctoral School, Inria)

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Smart Territories
Industrial Partners
ATOS-Bull Covéa EDF Ercom H-Log IDIT La Poste PSA Peugeot Citroën SQLI
Academic Partners
Inria Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Project Manager
Kei-Léo Brousmiche