The « Anthropolis » chair is investigating user centered eco-innovations for sustainable urban and semi-urban development for the benefit of citizens and local authorities, taking into account the interactions between urban systems.
The Chair focuses specifically on the application of interactions between mobility systems (of individuals and goods) and other systems (the commercial system, energy systems, information systems, the urbanisation and construction system, etc.), starting from each user’s specific objectives (each commodity), and public authorities.
It identifies the methods and fundamental tools needed to take into account the needs of the citizen-user, the city and the local authority, in the design processes of systems and services.
The main scope of the Anthropolis Chair is to identify the new uses in tomorrow’s urban mobility that harness the development of ecological innovations.

The Challenges

The Anthropolis Chair takes a user centred approach to investigate new uses and new types of mobility by organising the research work in three main areas:

  • State of the art and usage scenarios: the Chair works on identifying types of behaviours and usages and develops usage scenarios over the next 30 years.
  • Disruptive technologies and innovation: Identification of future disruptive developments able to induce radical change on various levels of the urban mobility system (experiments, Living Lab…).
  • Impact on urban systems: adapting simulation tools to assess the impact of integrating disruptive developments and identifying the corresponding repercussions on the mobility solutions’ economic models.

Target Market(s)

Based on new usage scenarios, new projects with the chair’s partners (transport and energy) will emerge focussing on the development of ec-innovations potentially having a  considerable effect on user behaviour.

Doctoral theses supported by the project

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