SystemX is exploring cybersecurity risks of future systems with the launch of the EIC project.

The IRT has identified the needs expressed by its industrial partners regarding the security of the systems and the solutions of the future that they are developing (Smart City, SmartGrids, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Connected Health, Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud, etc.) and which require complex choices to be made between ease of use, the cost of security, safety of operation, compliance with constantly evolving digital rights and understanding and forecasting the market and its players.

The EIC project is based on a simulation and analysis platform for assessing the cybersecurity of system architectures, called CHESS (Cybersecurity Hardening Environment for Systems of Systems) on innovative use cases in the field of SmartGrids, the Factory of the Future, Connected and Autonomous Transport and the new services of the Internet of Things. This research will allow the ANSSI to draw up recommendations related to the industrial issues and risks.



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