For dynamic and on-demand next generation networks

Over the past decade, the needs and requirements of end-users for digital services have continued to grow.
This has led telecom operators and equipment manufacturers to radically rethink network architectures and associated services.
These so-called next-generation networks are adaptive, intelligent and autonomous, and enable object connectivity and massive data collection with less centralised approaches than before.


Businesses face the challenge of providing high quality services at low cost and on demand. European sovereignty issues are also identified, to ensure reversibility and confidentiality of end-user data.

Positioning of the institute

IRT SystemX has solid skills in the field of future networks and meets the expectations of vertical industrial players (industry 4.0, defence, connected mobility, etc.), for whom the deployment of dynamic networks has become a priority. The institute is particularly interested in the cloud-edge continuum, virtual network functions, 5G and vehicular networks, and IoT embeddability. 


Scientific and technological challenges Related research fields
Hybrid Connectivity for IoT Networks

• Reliable and secure connectivity
• Massive connection of connected objects and vehicles

Adaptive networks under real-time constraints

• Resource-performance and location balancing
• Slicing of shared infrastructures
• Smart surfaces for networks

End-to-end urbanisation of future networks • Bringing intelligence and computing closer to data sensors
• Orchestration and IoT/IT convergence (Edge computing)
• Managing and orchestrating the IoT-Edge-Cloud continuum
Embeddability of IoTs • Performance of embedded computing (GPU, multi-OS, etc.)
• Embeddability and consistency of hardware vs. software solutions
• Management of IoTs and their energy consumption (green networks)


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