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About the IRT SystemX

Located on the plateau of Paris-Saclay, the IRT SystemX is designed to be an accelerator of the digital transformation. Focused on the digital engineering systems of the future, its research projects cover the scientific and technological challenges of the industrial sectors of transport and mobility, energy, digital security and communications. They respond to the challenges faced by industrialists in the design, modelling, simulation and testing phases of the future products and services that are increasingly integrating digital technologies.
Changes in the technologies and the need to integrate them mean that the new “Digitalisation” paradigm must be taken into account through a “systems” or even “systems of systems” approach. The IRT’s 2016-2020 roadmap is built around 4 programs: agile industry, autonomous transport, smart territories and internet of trust. Today, SystemX has launched 23 projects, involving 75 industrial partners and 21 academic laboratories, and 260 staff, including 120 of its own resources.

Press Contact
Virginie Boisgontier
Head of Communications
Tel. : +33 (0)1 69 81 05 70 – +33 (0)7 86 75 02 97

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