Becoming a Partner of the IRT SystemX


You are an industrial (a start-up, a SME, an intermediate sized company or a large group), join one or more projects of the IRT SystemX!

The IRT SystemX allows you to solve your technological challenges (innovative product development or improvement of existing technologies). Launching research projects within our Institute will allow you to collaborate with other industrial and/or academic partners and thus enable you to capitalize on and gain access to technology platforms and develop new skills.

The IRT matches your own financial commitment (in the form of a specific job creation for a project for example).

You are an academic institution

By joining a SystemX project you enrich your research by applying it to real industrial problems. You therefore have the opportunity to transfer your research results into product concepts, solutions or services.

The IRT SystemX also allows you to increase your research strength by funding doctoral students and post-doctoral work.

By joining the IRT SystemX you also have access to new technologies through dedicated platforms at your disposal.

Discover the list of partners who have already joined up and read their testimonies.

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