Operational Management

The Operational Management Team builds and implements the IRT SystemX’s strategy on a day to day basis.

Its action covers the research, training, communication and operational aspects. To assist the team in this task, various committees and boards have been established. Learn more about the Board of Directors, the Scientific and Technological Council, the program orientation committee.

Composition of the Operational Management Team



Eric Perrin-Pelletier, CEOEricnbEricnb

Eric Perrin-Pelletier is the Institute for Technological Research SystemX’s CEO. A graduate from the Ecole National Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Electriciens de Grenoble, Eric Perrin-Pelletier chaired the “Telecom” thematic group at the Systematic Competitiveness Cluster (Pôle de compétitivité Systematic) from its creation in 2005 to 2009.

He joined Dassault Electronique in 1982 as a software engineer for the development of software validation systems on embedded calculators. He was then in charge of upstream projects for simulation and decision support systems. In 1989, Eric Perrin-Pelletier joined Alcatel at the start of cellular telephony with GSM technology. He participated in the rapid development of wireless phone products by notably leading the Design and Technical Office and then the “advanced phones” product line.

In 2000, he joined the Company division in Los Angeles in the United States to create the R & D Programs Department on data products and headed the materials development department.

In 2004, Eric Perrin-Pelletier integrated the central management of the Alcatel Corporate Research and became head of the Center for Research and Innovation in France.

In 2009, he joined Supélec as Director of Campus Strategy to participate in the initiatives related to future investments on the Paris-Saclay campus.


François Stephan, Deputy CEO – International & Development

François Stephan is Deputy CEO – International & Development at the Institute for Technological Research SystemX. As a member of IRT SystemX’s operational management team, he leads production of the programs roadmap in collaboration with other departments, draws up and monitors the development plan by consolidating industrial partnerships, is responsible for prospecting and preparing the Institute’s new research projects, or expanding the scope of existing projects through the introduction of new industrial partners, and coordinates the Institute’s visibility and involvement in international initiatives, particularly through collaborative projects.

As an Engineer, Ecole Poltechnique and Télécom ParisTech graduate, François Stephan has over 20 years of professional experience in information technologies. He held functions in the fields of project management, product management, consultancy and technical leadership within tech companies – Schlumberger Smart Cards, Thales – and IT services – Ornis (startup), Unilog Management. From June 2011 he was Associate Director of the CRIP (Club des Responsables d’Infrastructure et de Production informatique), before joining IRT SystemX in early 2013 to run the “Systems of Systems” research program.


Luc d’Archimbaud, Deputy CEO

Member of the operating management of IRT SystemX, Luc d’Archimbaud has been appointed  Deputy CEO of the Institute, after being Chief Administrative Officer since 2012.

After conducting research on artificial intelligence in the Thomson-CSF group (Thales), he was named Deputy Director of Research and Technology for the same group before joining the CEA’s Participations Department where he piloted the sale of the computing and medical imagery subsidiaries. Having evolved towards financial duties, he become the CEA’s Budget and Management Control Director and then Inria’s Administrative and Financial Director. He also served in audit functions, especially for the European Court of Auditors.

Co-founder of a tech company, he was administrator of Priam Gestion’s venture-capital fund and of the start-up Alchimer, where he represented the CEA and the CEA Valorisation investment fund respectively.

Luc completed his engineering studies atSupélec with a MBA at INSEAD and a DEA (LAMSADE, Paris IX Dauphine). Research fellow in INSEAD’s Strategy Department, he also taught at HEC.


Cyril Orgelot, Company Secretary

Cyril Orgelot is the Institute for Technological Research SystemX’s Company Secretary. Member of the operational management team of the IRT SystemX, he heads the budget and financial management of the Institute, as well as the human resources and the legal affairs.

Cyril filled various positions for over 20 years in finance in multinational groups, mostly IT services and hardware companies, as well as high-tech startups.
After four years in accounting and advisory firms, he became the Chief Financial Officer of various companies, including Acer Computer France and Fujitsu France.
In 2013, Cyril co-founded a startup specialized in 3D printing, where he was also head of finance. This project, initially funded in Europe, pursued its expansion in Silicon Valley, California. In 2016, before joining SystemX, Cyril provided consultancy services to a French life science company developing anti- VIH HIV vaccines resulting to a fundraising.

Cyril is a graduate of the l’Institut Supérieur Commercial in France and holds a post-graduate diploma in accounting and finance (DESCF).


Patrice Aknin, Scientific Director

Patrice Aknin is the Scientific Director of the SystemX technological research institute (IRT). As a member of the operational management, he defines and implements IRT SystemX’s scientific strategy by identifying and structuring the scientific issues to be addressed and the scientific responses to be made to industrial problems. He manages the scientific arm of the Institute by supporting and assisting its scientific growth and coordinating relationships with its partners in public research and higher education. A PhD of Université Paris-Sud and “Habilitation à diriger des Recherches” of the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Cachan, his career was one of research at Inrets, later known as Ifsttar (French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Developpement and Networks). In 2008 he was appointed Research Director at Ifsttar after filling several posts, not least leadership of the “Diagnosis and Maintenance” team from 1998 to 2009 and then the directorship of the Laboratory for New Technologies at Marne-la-Vallée (LTN Marne) until 2011. He then joined the Scientific Direction of Ifsttar as Deputy Scientific Director for doctoral studies and academic partnerships. In 2013, he was appointed Scientific Director of the SNCF in the Innovation & Research division, in charge of the group’s doctoral studies, academic partnerships, expert network and innovative design. He worked there until 2016.

During his career, Patrice Aknin has directed 16 theses and 3 “habilitations” in the fields of diagnosis, decision support tools, reliability and statistical learning. He is the author of 35 articles for peer-reviewed journals and over a hundred international conferences. He has taught at ENS Cachan, Université Paris-Sud, and ENSEA Cergy and is currently a professor at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech.

Patrice Aknin is a member of the scientific boards of  ENS Cachan and ENSTA ParisTech, the board of directors of the SEE, the steering committee of the ANRT and the board of the MSTIC doctoral school of Université Paris-Est. He was vice chairman of the operational group “Quality of Transport Systems” in the PREDIT inter-ministerial program and a member of the CERTIFER rail certification agency. Patrice Aknin is also a member of the EURNEX excellence network for European rail research.


Gilles Desoblin, Director, Internet of Trust Program

Gilles Desoblin is the program Director for Internet of Trust at IRT SystemX. In his capacity as a member of the operating management of SystemX, Gilles defines and implements the Internet of Trust program strategy, the purpose of which is to improve the flexibility, performance and security of the control and management software for digital infrastructures in terms of cyber-security and architecture developments in networks and services. He has designed this program and its goals in association with the SystemX’s academic and industrial partners. He ensures it is executed via the R&D projects, optimizing the use made of its results and its impact on the ecosystem as a whole.
Gilles has over 20 years experience in innovation management in multinational entities involving defense, telecommunications and media. With a postgraduate degree in Man-Machine Systems and Communication from Université d’Orsay (Paris XI), Gilles began his career in complex system software engineering, at Thales and Protectic Ingénierie among others. He joined Alcatel in 1997 to assess and improve the software development processes in the group’s R&D centers. Then he set up the “Network and Services Management” center for multi-site skills and also contributed to the creation of the Systematic Paris-Region center, setting up the Usage, Services and Integrated Radio (USRI) project for the Telecom division. In 2006, at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, he headed the department defining the new generation architecture for IP communications solutions. In 2009, Gilles joined Technicolor to accelerate the transfer of innovations to the market and direct the Rennes site.



Bruno Foyer, Platforms Director

Bruno Foyer is Platforms Director at the Institute for Technological Research SystemX. As a member of IRT SystemX’s operational management team, he defines and implements the platform strategy used by programs, firstly by providing support for the introduction of consistent technical and software infrastructure, and secondly by perpetuating and pooling the assets or technological bricks used and produced by project teams (hardware, algorithms, software modules, methodologies, tool-based processes, etc.). The Platforms Department contributes to the collaborative efficiency of programs by offering them a set of services and technological resources that allow them to focus on research activities.

An engineering graduate from the Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris, Bruno Foyer has more than 20 years’ experience in systems and software engineering in high-tech and change-adaptable environments.

A software engineer and then technical IT project manager between 1995 and 2007 at Groupe France Télévisions, he developed his architecture and object software expertise, his main area of interest being component reusability.

In 2008, he joined DCNS, initially as a Systems Validation Engineering Manager, and then manager of a software department. Since 2013, he has been a Systems and Software Engineering Department Manager for a product line dedicated to the export market. In this role, Bruno has coordinated an R&D team and set up innovative procedures, particularly in terms of systems engineering methodologies.


Charles Kremer, Director, Smart Territories Program

Charles Kremer is the Program Director for Smart Territories at IRT (Technological research institute) SystemX. In his capacity as a member of the operating management of SystemX, he defines and implements the strategy of the program, the purpose of which is to develop technological bricks from data analysis to decisional aid that will foster the evolution of products and services entailed by new usages. He designs the research program and goals in association with the academic and industrial partners of the Institute and ensures they are executed via the R&D projects.
After an initial period in Japan working in a telecommunications research center and then a start-up in embedded software, Charles joined the PSA Peugeot Citroën group. From 2005 to 2013 he worked in Software management R&D involving international projects.
In 2013, he joined the Thales Avionics group as manager of the systems engineering team developing the avionic calculator product policy. In this capacity, he coordinated the arrival at maturity of a certain number of technological bricks and steered the development of the first demonstrator for the 2020 avionics platform.



Etienne de Pommery, “Agile Industry” Program Director

Etienne de Pommery is “Systems Engineering” Program Director at the Institute for Technological Research SystemX. As a member of IRT SystemX’s operational management team, he defines and implements strategy for the “Systems Engineering” program which aims to improve the agility, productivity and competitiveness of companies through research work on collaborative engineering methods, processes and software tools for complex systems. He designs the research program and roadmap in conjunction with the Institute’s academic and industrial partners and implements its execution in R&D projects.

An engineering graduate from Sup’Aéro, Etienne de Pommery has more than 20 years’ experience in technical and scientific information technologies. He worked at Dassault Systèmes in R&D and product roles for almost 10 years, and then after a transitional period of several years in organisational consultancy and project management at CSC (Peat Marwick), he joined the ESI Group in 2003. Here he was responsible for project management, strategic and commercial development in France and abroad, partnership implementation and monitoring, and funding of collaborative R&D projects. In particular, he actively contributed to setting up projects defining the roadmap of the OCDS (Design Tools and Systems Development) working group of the Systematic Paris-Region competitiveness cluster. He was a board member of Teratec from 2014 to 2014, federating high performance computing (HPC) actors. Since 2011, he has chaired the supervisory board of Haption, a company specialising in haptic devices for industry and services.


Paul Labrogère, “Autonomous Transport” Program Director

Paul Labrogère is “Autonomous Transport” Program Director at the Institute for Technological Research SystemX. As a member of IRT SystemX’s operational management team, he defines and implements the strategy of the “Autonomous Transport” program which aims to improve safety, equipment availability and user experience through research work on new secure and safe architectures integrating new uses, critical on-board systems and infrastructure development. He designs the research program and roadmap in conjunction with the Institute’s academic and industrial partners, and implements its execution though coordinating R&D efforts with the project teams conducting research activities. He seeks to develop team skills and scientific excellence in conjunction with the Institute’s training activities. He also helps to direct, conduct and promote research efforts and to optimize the exploitation of results and their impact on the entire ecosystem.

With 20 years of experience, first helping to start a startup (InfoVista) in 1995 and then with a large group in an international environment (Alcatel-Lucent) from 1998 to 2012, Paul Labrogère has served as Software R&D Team Leader and Research Director with a scientific and technological background focused on the design of distributed systems before helping to set up and launch IRT SystemX in 2012 and contributing to its development by leading the “Technologies and Tools” research program.

In addition to his initial engineering degree in Computer Science and Telecoms Engineer from Esigetel, Paul Labrogère followed a Management curriculum at ESSEC and a Corporate Intrapreneurship program at ESCP Europe.

Former member of the management committee of Bell Labs in France and of the Board of Directors of the FING (Fondation Internet Nouvelle Generation), Paul Labrogère is passionate about innovation management and helps to bridge the gap between the world of research and industry, startups and large groups, systems and their users.


Virginie Boisgontier, Communications Director

Virginie Boisgontier is Communications Director at the Institute for Technological Research SystemX. . As a member of the Operational Management team of the IRT SystemX, she defines and implements the Institute’s communication strategy in collaboration with the research program directors. She also contributes to promote and highlight the research and its results.

Holder of a Languages & Techniques DESS, Virginia Boisgontier has nearly 15 years of professional experience in the fields of communication. She notably held positions in external communications (Press Relations, Investor Relations), internal, editorial and event communication in several entities of the Alcatel-Lucent Group (Department of Communications, Department of Research and Innovation, Technical Department, Operations Department, Investor Relations Department). In 2012, she joined the Systematic Paris-Region competitiveness cluster as Innovation Communications Manager and helped set up and launch IRT SystemX which she joined in early 2014, with responsibility for communications management.